Now you can also call or chat with us for digital support! Our new phone service is open from Monday to Friday between 9-12 at 09 310 10011. The chat is open for the same hours and can be found in the lower right corner of this page.

How to find digital support

Get support with everyday digital issues via the city's digital support channels. You can get help free of charge at different service points, remotely or in your own home.

Free digital support for the use of digital services, software and devices is available remotely and at service points. Here you will find the best form of digital support for You.

Digital Support online and remotely

You can get remote support for using computers, tablets and smartphones. You can also get support for problems related to using e-services, online services and most common applications.

You can call or chat with us for digital support free of charge. Phone service is open from Monday to Friday between 9-12 at 09 310 10011. The chat is open for the same hours and can be found in the lower right corner of the front page.

If we cannot solve the problem through a phone call, we can guide you to the nearest digital support service point. We can also book an appointment or at-home digital support service for you.

If our phone service is closed you can make request for remote support. After the support request, a digital support expert will contact the customer by phone to discuss the digital support in more detail. Remote digital support will be provided on weekdays at 9:00–19:00. Digital support services will contact you within a few business days.

Requests for remote support can be submitted using this form.

Remote digital support will be provided in accordance with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s ethical guidelines for digital support. The personal data file description of remote guidance requests is available on our website. 

Community houses

Community houses offer digital support and help with using e-services. In the eight community houses maintained by the City, one or more digital support experts will help you with and without an appointment. You can get support and advice on using your own device, and you can use the customer devices on the premises.

Senior- and service centres

The services and activities of service centres are intended for retired and unemployed people. In most service centres, you can book an appointment for digital support either by phone or at the centre. To print, you will only need to pay the cost price.

Senior Info

Senior Info is a non-urgent advisory service for seniors in Helsinki. You can get digital support in the Senior Info service point (Siltasaarenkatu 2, Hakaniemi) on Mondays 13–15 pm, no reservation required. You can also use customer computers at the site.


Helsinki City Library offers digital support in all its 37 service points. In addition to the library staff, digital support is offered by the City’s cooperation partners, such as ENTER ry. In addition to the digital support, Helsinki City Library provides guidance on its electronic resources as well as the content of literature and music. There are also customer computers available, and in some libraries customers have access to various workshop equipment, such as 3D printers, vinyl cutters and sewing machines. Events, lectures and group guidance sessions related to digital support are also organised in libraries.

Libraries’ guidance schedule
More information about digital support in libraries
ENTER ry’s peer guidance in Helsinki (in Finnish)

Enter’s peer guidance

ENTER ry offers ICT peer guidance for seniors in libraries, service centres or other public facilities in around 80 locations across Uusimaa. You can find details about the guidance organised in cooperation with Helsinki on ENTER ry’s website.

At-home digital support

The City of Helsinki is cooperating with HelsinkiMissio, whose volunteers can visit your home to help with digital problems. You can get guidance on things such as how to use computers, tablets, phones or televisions.

You can request digital help by filling in a contact form (opens in new tab). 

Finnish Adult Education Centre in Helsinki

The Finnish Adult Education Centre of the City of Helsinki offers digital support in Finnish, English, Russian and Arabic at open digital service points. Every year, the adult education centre organises about 10,000 hours of information technology and media courses, information briefings and lectures as well as digital support in its locations around Helsinki. Current course selection can be found on the service. Locations, opening hours and contact information of the adult education centre can be found on the centre’s website.

Multilingual digital guidance
In addition to Finnish, the adult education centre also offers digital support in English, Arabic and Russian. You can get help with the use of computers, tablets and smartphones, internet and e-mail. We also offer support in matters related to online public services by e.g. helping you fill in electronic forms and answering technical questions regarding them. The service is intended for everyone who needs digital support. 

In English, in Arabic
In Russian

Helsingfors Arbis

The Swedish Adult Education Centre of Helsinki Arbis offers digital support in Swedish for the use of computers, tablet devices, digital cameras and software.

More information and appointments: Jan Amnell, e-mail jan.amnell (at), tel. 040 509 6834. Course information can be found on Ilmonet.

Remote guidance for jobseeking

• How do I send an e-mail attachment?
• Where can I find open jobs online?
• Writing a CV or a job application

You can get coaching services free of charge from Helsinki Employment services and also Uusimaa TE Office if you need help for example with CV and job applications.

Youth centres

Youth workers provide support to young people in using digital features and devices for matters such as participation activities and job seeking. The support offered to young people also includes utilising digitalisation, expressing themselves online and understanding internet phenomena such as the gaming industry.

Young people are taught how to use media, such as video and audio editing, lighting and content creation (Helsinki-kanava, production of radio programmes). The youth workers also operate online and are available via Whatsapp, among other channels. The contact information for youth support is available on the youth centres’ website.